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Project overview

The vision of Ma Carte Vacances can be summed up in the digital transformation of holiday checks. Solution found in 1982 to promote the departure on vacation of employees.

Their existing product is out of date and no longer understands the needs of employees. Today more than 80% of their customers book holidays online, which the current solution does not allow.

The holiday checks is on of the last employes voucher that has not yet been dematerialized.

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The problem

The holiday voucher is a personalized aid instituted by the French government in 1982 to encourage employees to go on vacation. It is the National Agency for holiday vouchers which issues vouchers to employers or works councils. The problem is that they have the monopoly.

Hopefully we found a legal loophole to legally bypass the monopoly. As long as the system remains dematerialized and we respect the rules put in place by the URSAF.

Business & design goals

The business goal of My Carte Vacances was to take up the concept of the ANCV (national agency of holiday vouchers) and to update it so it can be ten better than the existing product. There were three design goals.

SaaS experience

The first one was addressed to the works councils, our primary target. We reimagined the experience through a SaSS.

Payment app

The second one was for the employees. We decided to use the standard of other payment applications to avoid unnecessary complication.

Physical artifact

The third goal concerned the physical product. The card represents the only artifact of the brand. We branded it to make it a communication medium.


It lead to a turnkey product which includes all the advantages of the existing product but better. It’s advantages are a significant expenditure perimeter, a 100% secure card in the event of loss or theft, payment to the nearest cent, a presence in France and abroad, valid for three years instead of one, and simplified management for committees business.

In terms of the business parks that we needed for the product to work, we fell back on existing solutions.

We use the title Mastercard. With this, we benefit from an infrastructure grouping the different types of merchants. It was enough for us to tick the boxes of the merchants in connection with the holidays to respect the terms of URSAF.


The biggest challenge has been of a commercial nature. The works councils represent a target very solicited (due to the money they have to invest). We had a solution that simplified their process (employee seizures, relaunch by mail…).

SaaS solution for the work councils

The Sass allows CSV uploads, all or selected card orders, email reminders for employees who have not yet come… Instead of filling out excel tables all day long.

Application solution for the employees

The application now allows the holders to spend their money in both physical and digital stores (hello AirBnb,, Expedia, Kayak…) .

From allowing the users to check their account balance, block the card and order a new one and change Pin code. It allows them to put their money on it to top up online payments with.

Card branding

Using the customizable cards that MasterCard provides, we have made several iterations.

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Key takeaways

In less than 1 year since we launch the startup, we were able to validate the proof of concept and generate more than one million euro in business volume.

Since holiday voucher is a government service which exists almost nowhere else.

The next steps for the product is to stay on the French market. Developing the product on the vertical payment path. Making it eligible to other services such as travel insurances.  

1+ million euro in business volume

People i had the chance to work with

Alexandre Guillot

Alexandre Guillot

Founder of Ma Carte Vacances

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