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Project overview

Online travel agency created in June 2018 in Annecy, Explora Project is specialized in travel adventure of a new kind. Their mission is to bring extraordinary outdoor experiences to the ordinary men and women we are. Physical transcendence, reconnection to nature, and sharing are at the heart of their values. Their explorations of 2 to 15 days promote the discovery of oneself.

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The problem

With a fast-paced evolution of the startup, their booking solution did not live up to their ambitions.

Business & design goals


Increase engagement, conversion and users attention.


Clarify expedition informations by presenting it from a new angle and reduce fears about users safety and fitness level.


The main goal was to envision Explora Project as a netflix for micro-expedition. To immerse the users throughout a short video before wanting them to engage. To do that, we had to create from scratch a social and media-oriented product.


The challenge was double. On one hand, I needed to concentrate my efforts on finding a way to industrialize the creation of expedition with custom made videos. On the other, integrate the entire platform in front-end to allow more time for the developers to manage the back-end.

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Industrialize the process

Creating new expeditions was done manually with long negotiation phases with local guides, restaurant and habitation owners… In order to increase the offer and add media content to them, we had to internalize the process. To create a marketplace where they could control the desired outcome. By calibrating each block to each other.

Define an information architecture that suits business needs

Aside from presenting the value proposition of these new types of expeditions, our job was to create a malleable structure :

To categorize the different expeditions. Refining them over time with user feedback. Allowing to increase engagement and conversion of the users with few efforts.

Make each section of the booking expérience independent of each other. Allowing to perform independent modifications of each sections.

Unifying phases

Combining the design phase with the front end one allowed us to work at a faster pace. Using a web software called webflow, we could learn how to manage both phases.

Our job was to create web pages with a range of responsive content templates. Making the handover easier to our backend developers using the code export feature. They used the Html, css, javascript and translated it into react native code. Allowing them to link the platform to the backend and dynamise content easily.

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Key takeaways

One of my personal metrics was to know in advanced how I was using my time and what task I could optimize. Focusing on the core aspects of the project, I needed nevertheless to invest in new trades to have more control on the output of this project.

Learning new trades on the job

People i had the chance to work with

Stanislas Gruau

Stanislas Gruau

Founder & CEO at Explora Project

Flora Michalon

Flora Michalon

Product designer

Mehdi Djabri

Mehdi Djabri

Chief Product Officer at BigBlank

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