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Project overview

Coraye’s main focus is to give printers and other trades dealing with the production of physical color printing, an intuitive and powerful tool to better manage the color accuracy of final products.

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The problem

With each order, the stake of the print worker is to find this perfect adequacy which one calls an .icc profil.

To obtain that result, they are supposed to use a measuring instrument: the spectrophotometer. It allows them to calibrate the printer to have this adequation.

But now, most of the printers we met and contacted have this device that is worth between € 500 and € 20 000 depending on the model. The problem is that they do not use it because the use of these tools is complicated by the software that comes with it.

Today’s printing industry is partially based on a workers experience rather than scientific accuracy. This increases the chances of errors, increase print workers stress and therefore loss of money.

Business & design goals

Facilitate the access to color management tools. Enabling more people to use them (not only professionals).


The main goal was to make a turnkey solution which reduces the training time of professionals and amateurs. And making them want to use the tool. For that we needed to place our focus around three principle.


Faithfully reproduce colors whatever the media in a short period of time.


Calibrate any printer on the market regardless of the spectrophotometer used: what does not exist to date!


Reducing the amount of stress on print worker has on being able to correctly reproduce the client file or not.


Simplifying the design language system

Using precision tools can be a difficult task. To ensure the proper use of some of them, it depends on user manual and the visual ergonomics of the screens. Which in some case are very hard to understand because of all the technical vocabulary. Our task was to reinterpret and set some rules and guidelines that heightens and guartented a faster understanding of how the products work.

Centralizing all the functionality into one bundle

The primary goal was make the product more attractive. Thanks to its compatibility with almost all the tools on the market and the possibility to give the users full access to the functionality to meet their needs (instead of buying bridled machines).

Using full capacity of the library

And since we were using a library (Argylle CMS) that allowed it, we decided to use all of its  capabilities. (Calibration & characterization, light capture, color capture, spectral viewer, gamut viewer, print control, color table, color finder, color converter)

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We decided to use Jesse James Garrett model for the creation of the software.

Understanding the customers needs to establish the product objectives

Working hand in hand with color experts to teach us about the industry and the problems their clients were facing on a daily basis, we worked with and transcribed that knowledge into business goals for a MVP.

Listing all the functional specifications & content requirements

Calibration & characterization : Calibrate the printer and characterize the paper to get the best impressions.

Light capture : Measure and check the quality of your light sources.

Color capture : Measure and exploit your color samples.

Spectral viewer : View and analyze the quality of the spectral curves of your illuminants.

Gamut viewer : Visualize in 3D the gamut of your profiles, images and color samples.

Print control : Control and check the stability of your prints.

Color table : Create and export color tables with RIPs and other creation software.

Color finder : Find among color swatches the reference closest to your samples.

Color converter : Convert a color to RGB or CMYK following an ICC profile.

Creating an information architecture to facilitate intuitive access to content

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Navigation design to facilitate the user’s movement

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Information design to facilitate the understanding and hierarchize the content

Simplifying the basic user manual with à step by step walkthrough each features. The goal is to display the right information at the right time in the right place. It needs to help the user make the right choice.

Visual design through reusable components

For this MVP, the visual aspect depended more about it being usabile, consistent and easily understood than aesthetic.

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Key takeaways

Establishing a weekly strategy to meet our goals was not a habit of mine until now. Knowing what delivery was needed at the end of each week help lighten the workload if we stumbled upon a crisis.

Managing your time correctly

People i had the chance to work with

Rémi Wetteren

Rémi Wetteren

CEO at Coraye

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